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A Little About US

Lincoln Technology Solutions is an IT consulting company. We provide consultation and services for our clients to increase their operating efficiency, achieve higher productivity and streamline business processes. We provide products, consultations and services that includes business intelligence, analytical frameworks, resource management and customer engagement designed to capture prospects, retain current customers and reduce operational expenses to grow your business and revenue.

Our Values

Our Mission is to be the world’s best software consulting company. And, we envision to equip our clients with competitive edge they need to succeed.


What is different about us

Business Intelligence

We aid our clients in building and maintaining Data Warehouses to capture and convert data into actionable insights through a rigorous analytical framework. Our consultants can help you design, develop and maintain state of the art business intelligence solutions that address a wide array of analytical and decision making requirements.

Product Development

We believe that comprehensive analysis, design, cohesive implementation and efficient project management is critical for the success of any project. We at Lincoln Technology Solutions give utmost importance to systems and product development with a process in mind right from the beginning to deployment following rigorously all project development cycles. We spend time to understand client's complete requirements and develop systems using time-tested methodologies. Experienced project managers ensure that the process is right and maintained through out the system execution.

Resource Development

At Lincoln Technology Solutions, We take pride in our customer-focused teams that specialize in a variety of technologies. We have established proven processes of identifying and strategically developing resources based on our specific client requirements. We understand that application development requires constant client interaction and an in-depth understanding of the user domain to provide the computing solution that will work for you. Over the years we have acquired and honed the experience necessary to develop data-driven, real-time, multi-tiered applications that can interface with different databases, third party application tools and legacy systems.


What we offer


Business very often get overwhelmed by the enormous amount of data generated or captured. However, a data driven decision making framework is essential to understand and utilize it. Leverage the capabilities of analytics to achieve your goals of lowering cost and improving the quality of care. Acquire the right tools to generate insightful actions by crunching the generated data.


Use the EMR (Electronic Medical Records) solution to streamline the clinical visits, assist doctors with differential diagnosis, provide online access to patients records and medical history, to improve the quality of care, and to provide a hassle-free and paper-less operation.


Use the PHARMA module to ease the pharmacy operations connecting doctors, pharmacists, and warehouse personnel. Reduce your costs by automating the stock management process.


Using our lab integration module, you can outsource diagnostic tests to third party labs and let them upload the results without leaving your facility. Pick the most appropriate lab for a given test.


Why Us

Cloud based

Cloud based to avoid installation and management headaches


Eliminate duplicates with government issued ID cards

Patient Management

From in-patient to out-patient


Schedule appointments and send SMS or email

Mobile App

Check appointments, prescriptions and view lab reports


Automatically popup templates based on symptoms to reduce errors

Billing and Payment

Generate bills and allow online payments

Lab reports

Schedule appointments with third party labs and upload lab reports


Comply with government regulations


Analyze the lab reports without necessitating a patient visit


Generate metrics like number of patient visits, count of procedures performed, doctor/patient waiting times and referral trends to measure the efficiency


Outsource selected modules like Analytics so you can focus on business


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